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Visa to India Online Application

The eVisa is an official document required to enter and travel inside India. It is not required to meet with the Indian embassy or consulate at any time. You can apply for your visa easily online at least 4 days before arriving in India. Once you have applied online, it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, once approved, you will receive your eVisa via email as a pdf file. This online application has been designed to streamline the visa to India process, making it as easy as possible. Currently, travelers from over 160 countries are eligible to apply for a number of different electronic visas online. is not associated with the Government of India or any third parties that provide similar travel authorization services. We offer high-quality travel and immigration services to both individuals and legal entities for a service fee. Processing: 1-4 business days

Allowed Activities for Tourist eVisa

Allowed Activities for Business eVisa

Allowed Activities for Medical eVisa

Complete Online Application

Step One

After payment is captured, the eVisa application will be reviewed and submitted to Immigration Control for approval. Processing can take up to 1-4 business days.

Receive eVisa Document

Step Two

After the application is approved, the applicant will receive the eVisa document via e-mail. Print the document and keep with travel documents.

Arrival into India

Step Three

Once in India, you will be asked to present the eVisa document by an Immigration agent. Always keep an extra copy of the eVisa document while in India

Requirements for travel to India on a short term e-Visa

1. Your passport needs to have at least six months’ validity from the date of arrival to India. Your passport needs to have at least two blank pages required for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
2. You need to have a return ticket or ticket of your onward visit and sufficient money to support your stay in India.
3. If you are of Pakistan-origin or you have a Pakistan passport, then you will have to apply for a regular visa at Indian Mission.
4. Unavailable to Laissez-passer travel document holders or Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, US Citizens and visitors need a valid visa and passport to enter and exit India for any reason. If your stay is shorter than 60 days you can apply online for a tourism, business, or medial e-Visa through

Yes, it's available for British citizens. However, the visa is not available for British Subject, British Protected Person, British Overseas Citizen, British National (Overseas) or British Overseas Territories Citizen.

India no longer provides foreign citizens visas on arrival like they have in the past. A valid visa needs to be obtained before arrival in the county to avoid being denied entry.

Available ports are:
Ahmedabad (AMD), Amritsar (ATQ), Bagdogra (IXB), Bengaluru (BLR), Bhubaneshwar Airport (BBI), Calicut (CCJ), Chandigarh (IXC), Chennai (MAA), Cochin (COK), Coimbatore (CJB), Delhi (DEL), Gaya (GAY), Goa (GOI), Guwahati (GAU), Hyderabad (HYD), Jaipur (JAI), Kolkata (CCU), Lucknow (LKO), Madurai Airport (IXM), Mangalore (IXE), Mumbai (BOM), Nagpur (NAG), Portblair Airport (IXZ), Pune (PNQ), Tiruchirapalli (TRZ), Trivandrum (TRV), Varanasi (VNS), and Vishakhapatnam (VTZ).

The recommended time frame to apply for your India E-Visa is AT LEAST 5 days prior to your expected day of arrival in India. Please remember to account for the standard process time which is 4 business days in duration (Expedited 1-2 days). Please keep in mind India requires you to have applied within 120 days of arrival.

All prices include visatoindia service and governmental fees for your online application. To review a full list by fees by qualifying country of Citizenship click here

The fees for applicants that reside in U.S.A and the U.K are as follow and include the processing fee:

Tourist E-Visa = 163.00 USD
Business E-Visa = 173.00 USD
Medical E-Visa = 183.00 USD

The fees for applicants that reside in Canada, Australia, and Germany:

Tourist E-Visa = 143.00 USD
Business E-Visa = 153.00 USD
Medical E-Visa = 183.00 USD

A refund can only be offered when an application has not yet been submitted to the Government of India. All approved refund will have a $20 termination fee deducted from the applicant(s). You cannot get a refund if your application is denied by the Government of india or you have already been approved and decide to cancel.

Once the application is finalized and approved, you will receive an email with the official document attached as a pdf file. Next you need to print the document and keep it safely with your travel documents. Document will be requested by an Indian Official upon arrival in India.

Once visa application is received, this includes payment and Part 2 (user is directed immediately to Part 2 after payment), processing can take 4 business days (or 1-2 days if expedited option is selected). Your electronic visa to India will be sent to the email used to make the payment. Payment email is considered the primary email on the account.

If your application is delayed or on hold it is often due to the passport image being blurry, black and white or the file submitted is corrupted. We will request a new image via email if these conditions are met. Please contact us immediately if you feel the images submitted followed these guidelines and your application is delayed.

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  • A digital copy of the identification page of your passport (all formats accepted). This page provides us with your passport number, name, date of birth, etc. It is allowed to use a smartphone to take a high quality picture of your Passport.
  • Image of Self (face-shot). It is allowed to use a smartphone to take a high quality picture of Self.
  • Payment using your credit or debit card (Paypal accepted).
  • After payment you will be directed to upload your Image of Self and Passport. An email with a link to complete Part 2 (uploading the documents), in case more time is needed.

India Tourist Visa

The India eTourist Visa category allows you to enter India for recreational purposes only. This includes sightseeing, meeting friends and family, attending a yoga program and holidaying. Once the visa is approved, you can enter India as a tourist multiple times within 180 days from the first arrival. Each tourist visitor is allowed to apply for the India Visa Online (eTourist Visa) three (3) times within a calendar year. For example: January - December counts as one (1) calendar year.

India Business Visa

The India eBusiness Visa category allows you to enter India for business purposes only. This covers business meetings, sale, trade and/or sale goods, set up a business venture, recruit people to work, participate in a exhibition and/or business fairs, join a ongoing project as a specialist/expert, manage a tour, and to deliver a lecture under the GIAN initiative. Once the visa is approved, you can enter India with the Business Visa multiple times 180 days from the first arrival. You are allowed to apply for the India Visa Online (eBusiness Visa) three (3) times within a calendar year. For example: January - December counts as one (1) calendar year.

India Medical Visa

The India eMedical Visa category allows you to enter India for medical purposes only. This is comprised of medical evaluation, medical treatment, dental examination and dental treatment. Once the visa is approved, you can enter India multiple times within 180 days of the first arrival. You are allowed to apply for the India Visa Online (eMedical Visa) three (3) times within a calendar year. For example: January - December counts as one (1) calendar year.

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Overview of eVisa Implementation

In 2014, the government of India released the online electronic tourist visa (e-visa). This was created to encourage and promote easy travel to India. At this point, travelers no longer had to visit an embassy. In 2017, India updated its electronic visa program and introduced subcategories for business, medical, and tourists visits

Cruise Arrivals

Visitors arriving in a cruise ship, are allowed entry into India three (3) with the eVisa. If your cruise will make more than 2 stops in India, you are not eligible for eVisa and will need a regular visa. If one of your arrival seaport is not listed below, you are not eligible for eVisa and will need a regular visa. Available seaports are: Cochin seaport, Chennai seaport, Goa seaport, Mangalore seaport, Mumbai seaport.
Visitors arriving in a cruise will no longer need to provide biometrics. This measure has been waived until December 31, 2020.