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Documents Required For Indian Visa

Support Department posted this on Mar 12, 2020

Do you want to visit the beautiful regions of India? Is it for work or a little trip with your family to see the wonders of India? To be able to do this, you’re sure to need a visa for India. Given the type of details required, this can turn into a long process. You can get your visa easily just by making sure you follow through some steps and provide the relevant documentation needed for the authorities to verify your visa. 

Thinking of travelling to India? Then you should be aware of every document that you will be in need of to get your visa approved. Make sure to follow through and make sure that you cover all these steps to get the Indian visa. But before you go ahead and opt for your visa, make sure you choose the right type. 

There are three main options that you can choose from when it comes to Indian visas. These primarily include the tourist, business, and medical visas. So, depending on your requirement you can opt for the one that you need. 

All documents are uploaded online

When it comes to e-visas, all of your relevant documents are supposed to be uploaded online. This eases you of the hassle of getting all your documents to the embassy. Make sure that you have all the documents in check, they are attested and only then are they uploaded. This will ensure that there are no problems in the process further on. 

You should make sure to have your birth certificate, utility bills copy, bank statements, profession’s proof, and your passport’s copy. These are only the basic documents that must be scanned and uploaded online to get the process of your visa started. 

All of these documentations are for proof of whether your visit to India is for tourist purposes or not. The security measure has toughened up so you’re made sure that all of your documents are complete before you get your visa.


Passport Image

Along with your other details, you attach your passport image. The passport image refers to you adding all the details that are relevant for your visa process to carry forwards. This will include the likes of your date of birth in your passport, and all the other details that are in your passport. These should match with every detail that you have provided about yourself.  

All sorts of formats are accepted for your passport image, however, make sure that the file that you upload is not over 10 MB as the application form will not allow you to add a file bigger than that. 

Image of Self

Image of Self

Your picture is necessary for the visa application to be complete. For this, you need to make sure that the picture you submit is recent one for verification purposes and completion of the process. Again, the formats can be of any type and all you need to focus on is making sure that the file doesn’t go over 10 MB. 

The file will not be uploaded and your documents will be incomplete if you do not submit this, so make sure that the image is within the limit. The processing continues after the submission of the passport and the image of self, so you need to make sure that both these points are covered if you wish to get an Indian visa.

We crop and resize images submitted 

You don’t have to worry too much about the sizes and the formats of the pictures that you are submitting. All of the pictures that pool in from the documents of different individuals are pooled in with their documents so that they are not misplaced.

These images are then adjusted so that that they are the same size. The agents that are going over your applications crop and resize all the images that are submitted with the documents. This makes sure that there is a standardized format of pictures so that the processing can be easier for us and you as well. 

Our agents will review applications to maximize approval

As soon as all of your documents are uploaded, the process undergoes the next level where our agents review your application to make sure everything is in order. This includes verifying that everything is correct and valid. This way there are no false entries for the visa.

These agents go over all the data provided by you through your online submission and ensure that every thing is in order. This process includes the agents verifying your payments and your documents to make sure that you can get your visa on time. 

Once everything is verified, these agents send your visa application to the Ministry of Home Affairs who then gives the verdict. 

Safest way to apply for your visa

The online process of getting your visa is becoming really common in India as a lot of people have been opting for them. How much your visa costs will depend on what type of visa you go for. Another thing that you need to keep a check of when it comes to this is your nationality. 

Overall, this method is extremely safe for applying and attaining your visa. All your information is secured and the possibility of your data being used for anything else is negligible. Your visa process will run smoothly if you adhere to all the details of the documentation process and it is verified by the agents. 

You’ll be receiving your visa through your email on a PDF format. You can easily get this printed and make sure to carry it with you at all times once you are travelling to the country. The process is clear-cut and the safest ever possible as you know exactly to whom your information is going to. You can upload your documents at your ease and convenience, with a sense of security that your data will not be used elsewhere. 

VisatoIndia.org makes sure to provide you with all the steps necessary for you to get your visa application through. With a simple process, you’re sure to get your visa to India soon! 

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