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India Visa for US Citizens

July 12, 2019

Getting an India Visa as a United States Citizen

For American travelers who have always wanted to see the Taj Majal or the Ganges river, an India visa for United States citizens is essential. It is fortunate for travelers that these visas are easy to get. Some tourists worry that a visa to India is too hard to obtain. With the online system the country has in place, though, getting into India has never been easier.

Necessary India Visa Application Items

Travelers can start to apply for an India visa online quickly and easily. They only need the following items to get started:

  • A passport with validity for at least 6 months after the date of arrival in India
  • Travel details, including flights into and out of the country and any travel plans while in India
  • A photograph of the data page in the passport, including personal information and the passport photo
  • A photograph of the traveler on a white background that meets the site’s
  • specifications
  • A valid credit card to pay the India visa online application fee

Then, apply online for eVisa.

Tourists can apply for their India visa for United States Citizens by following the directions on the website. The tourist visa application fee for US citizens is currently $163, though this could change at any time.

Visa Approval and Delivery of Document

Submitted applications receive an application Reference Number, which can be used to look up the application’s status. Visa decisions are made 1-4 business days after submission, and applicants will be notified via email.

Once the application is approved, an email containing the India Visa as a .pdf file will be sent. Visitors should print a copy of their approved visa to India. They will need to show this when they go through immigration. They will also need to show:

  • The same passport used to apply for the visa
  • At least 2 empty passport pages
  • Proof that they have funds to cover their travel and other expenses while in India
  • Proof of when and how they plan to leave the country

Having all of this ready should make entering the country a breeze!

Important Facts About the India Visa for United States Citizens

Applying for an India visa online is now required for travelers who want to visit the country. In addition to tourists visas, applicants from the USA can apply for a business visa, a medical visa, a medical attendant visa, and a conference visa. Each of these has specific costs, periods of validity, and more.

All travelers will be required to submit biometric details upon arrival in India. Travelers unwilling to do this should not plan to enter the country, even with a valid India visa for United States citizens.

The visas cannot be extended or converted into other types of visas. If travelers wish to remain in India past the date on their visa, they will need to leave the country and reapply or work with the Indian government to obtain another type of visa before their exit date.

Travel to India can be fun and rewarding. Visitors can apply for their visa to India today and visit soon!

India-United States Relations - H-1B Visa Program

The External Affairs Ministry of India revealed on Wednesday that they have spoken with US administration officials regarding expectations for a non-discriminatory and predictable H-1B Visa program. Allowing US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise, the H-1B Visa is considered a “non-immigrant” immigration Visa.

Minister of State for External Affairs, V Muraleedharan, was quoted in the Lok Sabha as saying that they have stressed in recent meetings that the partnership has been mutually beneficial and that both sides should continue to nurture it. He stated that the H-1B issues were most recently brought up during US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s June visit to India, saying that the “backward linkages to India have helped US businesses.”

Muraleedharan went on to say that India has been in continued communication with all stakeholders as well as being engaged with US officials and members of Congress regarding these issues related to Indian professionals. According to Muraleedharan, skilled professionals from India have had a direct contribution to the development and growth of the US economy, helping the nation retain its competitive edge and innovation advantage, and the H-1B Visa program is working and should continue.