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India Visa for Mauritian Citizens

August 20, 2019

Visiting India for Mauritian Citizens

For travelers who live in MU but who have always wanted to visit India, it’s easy to get a visa and take that trip of a lifetime. There’s no need to worry about the visa process because it’s not hard at all. Most people find that it only takes a few minutes to get this part of the process set to make their traveling dreams come true.

Applying for an India Online Visa

The online application is here and it comes with easy-to-follow directions. If applicants are ever unsure about how to proceed with their application, all they need to do is look for the instructions and it should become clear. For most applicants, the India online visa application is straightforward and they can finish it quickly.

It will help applicants to have the following documentation together before they start the application. That way, they won’t have to go running every time another piece is needed. They should find:

  • Their passport from Mauritius. This needs to be currently valid and should have validity for at least 6 months beyond their proposed arrival date in India.
  • Travel information, specifically information on when, where, and how they plan to enter and leave India.
  • A picture of the personal data page in the passport. This needs to clearly show both their photograph and all of the information about them.
  • A separate picture of themselves on a white background. Many passport photos can be used here, though the Indian government has specific qualifications that every photo must meet.
  • A valid credit card, for the India visa application fee.

Visa Processing and Email Delivery

Once they have entered all of the relevant information, they need to make sure it matches exactly what is in their passport. Even a simple typo can mean that they have to apply again!

When applicants submit their application for an India visa for citizens from Mauritius, they’ll get a reference number. They should hold onto this because they can use it to check their application status or print off their granted visa. India should give them an answer about their visa within 1-4 business days.

Entering India With an India Visa for Citizens from Mauritius

Visitors will need a hard copy of their India visa for citizens from Mauritius when they enter the country. They will also need the exact same passport they used to apply for that visa, as the visa is attached to a particular passport.

Just in case Indian officials ask, they should also have data about their travel plans, both within India and how they plan to leave. In addition to their India visa, officials may also ask to see proof that they have the funding to cover their stay in India or that someone else plans to do so for them.

Once they are through customs and immigration, travelers from MU can see the Taj Mahal, visit an ashram, bathe in the Ganges, and do whatever they’ve always wanted to do in India. Bon Voyage!